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Promotion Policy!-The Adminium[MC3L] UPDATED

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Promotion Policy!-The Adminium[MC3L] UPDATED

Post by 303i on Sat Dec 11, 2010 1:15 pm

Hey everyone
Since we have a fair number of players now, I have set up a promotion policy. Any deviation of this policy, unless you have A very good reason, will result in you being demoted.

Guest: Default rank, demote to this only if a learner spam’s lava and/or water

Learner: Adds lava/water, promote if the player starts building

Builder: Must have been on the server for 20mins, and had built something reasonable. This is also the rank you can promote your ‘friend’ to. (A 4x4 house is not a building……)

Architect: have been on the server for at least 10 days, Built something very large and/or Very Good. (exceptions can be granted by HD+, but only under certain conditions: A. They have built something that has amazed everyone or B. they have been helping out on a large project. These exceptions can only be granted if they have been on the server for at least 5 days)

Moderator: Been on the server for around 5 weeks. Has shown Good use of /kick, and has been friendly to other players.

Operator: Been on the server for 10 weeks, is a regular (comes online on avg of every 1-2 days) Has been helpful around the server. Shown good use of moderation commands

Director: A regular player, Helps out a lot, does not abuse the commands, Two 'yes' from a VD+ is required.

Senior Director: A regular Director, Good at Making Levels when needed, Promotes when required
Helps out from time-to-time. Requires Two 'yes's from Vice Director+

Vice director: Someone who comes nearly every day, Helps moderate A LOT, requires 3 head directors+ to agree

Head Director: Someone trusted by me, and the co-owners, requires 2 co-owners+ to agree. (fair bit of responsibility and maturity required).

Executive: Someone the Co-owners and 303i thinks deserves this position. (someone who has been a HD for AT LEAST two months....)

Chief Executive: I long timer Executive, Only Co-Owner's and 303i may promote to this position.

Assistant-Owner: A CE who spends most of his time here, might be inline for CO, someone who is friendly to pretty much everyone, does not ask for ranks, has been here for a long time, and is friends with many people on this server. Only CO+ can promote to this spot, however 303i's permission is required

MC3L_Co-owner: Someone who knows ALL the commands, only 303i may promote to this, however
co-owners can recommend someone for this position, becomes Co-Owner for the entire network.

Well! That's it! Please note, I can overrule this policy if i wish.

MC3L Founder
MC3L Founder

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